A Landscape Designer Transforms a Couple’s Backyard Patio into a Feature-Packed Oasis

  • 18 Stunning Decks With Pergolas Shades That Will Improve Your Home

    There are so many ways to improve your patio deck. One of them is by adding a stunning shade. Here is a helpful guide to inexpensive solutions for creating shade for your patio or deck, from reasonable canopies, shade ideas, imaginative ways to create shade, and using plants and natural resources for shade. Keep your patio cooler, block out those harmful rays, and enjoy it all day long. And beside that, you can take advantage for your reference by exploring deeper the decks with pergolas shade designs ideas below. Deck With Pergolas Shade <img width="150" height="150" src="http://www.landscapinggallery.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/decks-with-pergolas-designs-150×150.jpg" alt="decks with pergolas …read more
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  • 6 Perfect Landscape Ideas For The Minimalist At Heart

    One of the first tips you’ll want to follow when curating a minimalist landscape is to use mulch. Why mulch? Mulch helps substitute for a multitude of … …read more
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  • Why It’s Time to Go Monochrome

    When it comes to redesigning a room, the first decision is usually, “which color?”.And sometimes, that can be the hardest choice of all. I can’t be the only person who has excitedly walked into a paint store, then left a short time later, overwhelmed with a thousand similar-but-different options. Who knew there could be so many shades of white? And where do I even begin with furniture?Here’s one way we bypass having to coordinate colors: designing a room with a monochromatic color palette. It’s an incredibly simple way to bring elegance to your interiors without hiring a designer. And it’s …read more
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  • 18 Great Pool Cabanas Design Ideas That Will Make Your More Affordable

    If you are looking for pool cabanas designs ideas, you are in the right place to get it. In this occasion, we bring you to explore great article and design ideas about pool cabanas which is we believe will give you more inspiration and references. If you’re thinking of building a cabana to add functionality and beauty to your pool area, there are a few things you should keep in mind in the planning stages. Once your cabana is built, it’s hard to turn back time, so give some attention to detail and figure out exactly what your want your …read more
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  • Roundup: Arizona pool builder staging promotional event

    While the event targets consumers, not landscaping companies, it’s an idea California Pools & Landscape’s peers may want to emulate. The company … …read more
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  • Connecticut Master Gardener Association hosts symposium

    Julie’s lecture, Landscaping Ideas that Work, will provide a host of visual ideas as well as design tips, before-and-after images, case studies, and … …read more
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  • 18 Amaze Balustrade Designs for Decking

    If you are in your way to build the fence for your decking, you might consider the balustrade designs for decking which we’ll bring you in this post. You can make this post as your reference in order to build your deck fencing since we bring you a good one article and several amaze balustrade design ideas. So you want a fence for your home, but you are not quite sure what you want to go with. That situation is perfectly normal, especially when there are many options on balustrades. The balustrade itself is the main component of a fence …read more
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  • Symposium looks at adjusting landscaping ideas for Idaho

    Rethinking Idaho Landscapes Symposium: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Special Events Center, Boise State University. Keynote speaker is Mike Bone of … …read more
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  • Landscaping ideas around a flagpole

    landscaping around a flag | Yard Landscape , 6 Ideal Flagpole Landscaping Ideas : landscaping .Houzz.com – Flagpole Landscaping design ideas … …read more
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